Hospitality Cleaning Services

If you are seeking a cleaning provider for your hotel, restaurant or pub, you are in the right place. Maintaining a clean environment within the hospitality sector is critical to enhancing the guest experience. Our commercial hotel and hospitality cleaning service has been designed to cater to your needs and can positively impact customer reviews, return rates and referrals. You can expect a thorough cleaning of fabrics, hard floors, wood furniture, e.t.c

Range of our hospitality cleaning services

  • Event venue cleaning

    We provide cleaning services to hotel conference rooms and venues hosting special events such as music concerts, sporting events, festivals, or trade shows.

  • Guest Rooms Cleaning

    If you are lodging guests for one or more nights, cleaning these rooms becomes a standard requirement to ensure a safe environment. Our dedicated team is ready to help you clean the guest rooms to the highest standard.

  • Cleaning of Non-Guest Areas

    We also provide cleaning services to areas not accessible by hotel guests. Ensuring your entire hospitality facility is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standard.

Hospitality cleaning services in London and surrounding areas

If you own a hotel, restaurant, event venue, or pub in London or the surrounding areas, we can be your trusted cleaning services provider. Our team will work to the highest standard to ensure your guests, customers, and attendees feel safe and welcome in a clean environment. We are happy to customise the frequency of the cleaning to suit your needs without interrupting your business. We’ve got single—or multi-site locations fully covered.

Hospitality Accommodation Cleaning FAQ

What areas are covered in your standard room cleaning?

For standard room cleaning, we make the bed and dust surfaces, thoroughly clean the bathrooms, vacuum and mop the floors, empty the bins, and replenish toiletries. Ensuring a safe environment for guests and staff.

What areWhat eco-friendly cleaning products do you use to ensure safety and hygiene?as are covered in your standard room cleaning?

We use eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning products that adequately combat viruses and bacteria while ensuring a safe environment for guests and staff.

Can you support our existing cleaning team?

We can work as your full outsourced cleaning provider or with your existing internal cleaning team to provide guests or customers with a hygienic environment. This working style can be modified based on the business’s needs.

How often do you clean communal areas in hotels?

Our hospitality cleaning services also cater to communal areas. Places such as lobbies, gyms, dining areas, and pools can be cleaned multiple times a day, and high-touch surfaces are frequently disinfected to maintain a high standard of hygiene. This is designed according to your needs.

How oDo you provide a linen rental service as part of your hospitality cleaning service? ften do you clean communal areas in hotels?

We’ve created several bundles of services to serve hospitality clients. These include standalone linen rental and commercial drycleaning services to augment our standard hospitality cleaning services.

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