Office Cleaning Services

We all love to work or meet in a clean workspace. The benefits of maintaining a pristine office consist of an increase in the productivity of employees, creating a good first impression to clients, reducing hazards and protecting the health of staff. At Londonist Hospitality, we fully understand the essence of a clean office and have assembled a fully trained and equipped team to consistently ensure your office environment is immaculate. Whether you are currently running a fully remote, hybrid or onsite team, we have cleaning solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

Range of our office cleaning services

We currently offer a range of office cleaning services to our clients, and they include.
  • Daily cleaning services

    We have the right solution for large or busy offices with a strong on-site policy or a strong appetite for sparkling clean workspaces. Our daily cleaning solution ensures that every day is a new opportunity to showcase a spotless office.

  • Specialised cleaning services

    Clients' needs differ, and we create a bespoke cleaning solution to meet and exceed their expectations. Our team values every detail when cleaning hardwood, tiles, and carpet flooring. We also clean internal and external windows and other integral workspace parts.

  • Deep cleaning

    We naturally go beyond the surface when cleaning an office. Our deep cleaning service eliminates stubborn stains, accesses difficult-to-access areas, and transforms the office's hygienic state.

Why choose Londonist Hospitality
office cleaning services?

  • Fully trained and equipped team

    We’ve assembled the right team to make your workplace clean and inviting for the team and clients.

  • No Hidden Costs

    There is so much transparency with our pricing. Your specific needs are fully explored and discussed during consultation. This helps us provide the appropriate service and price.

  • Quality Assurance

    We’ve implemented control measures to ensure you are served to the highest standard. Every aspect of the office cleaning is conducted thoroughly with a good feedback mechanism.

Commercial office cleaning services in London and surrounding areas

If you’re wondering whether your area falls within our cleaning service coverage, the likelihood is high, especially if your workspace is in or around London. We extend our office cleaning services to areas outside London, such as Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey, and more. We offer comprehensive cleaning services for offices in London, irrespective of the zone. We’re also open to discussing and visiting your location for further assessment.

Office Cleaning FAQ

What cleaning services does your office cleaning solution cover?

Our office cleaning services are comprehensive and include vacuuming, floor mopping, dusting, sanitising technology device surfaces, internal window cleaning and lots more.

Can the office cleaning you provided be customised?

Yes, we listen to understand your needs before making recommendations. Londonist Hospitality does not provide a one-size-fits-all office cleaning service; it can be designed to suit your needs.

Do you offer after-builders' office cleaning services?

Yes, we do provide cleaning to recently refurbished offices or workspaces that recently had builders onsite carrying out minor or major works.

What should we do to prepare for the office cleaning?

We always recommend putting any confidential documents away and keeping personal belongings in available storage or lockers. You are also expected to inform us of anything specific to be noted while cleaning. If no one is expected to be onsite when the cleaner arrives, temporary keys or access codes may be required to ensure the office is clean and ready for the employees when they arrive.

How often should offices be cleaned?

Some factors that impact how often an office should be cleaned include its size, the number of employees, the type of work environment, and the working culture. It is usually advisable for offices to be cleaned at least once daily to ensure a healthier work environment.

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