University Cleaning Services

Universities are great contributors to education in society. Many students go through the university process yearly and are supported by academic and non-academic staff. As an esteemed institution of learning, cleanliness in both external and internal areas is very important. A study carried out by a UK support service found in the ECJ (European Cleaning Journal) revealed that 44% of students believed they would achieve a better qualification if their halls and campus were cleaner and regularly maintained. We’ve trained and equipped cleaners to transform the sanitary state of campuses and student accommodation units.

Range of our university cleaning services

  • Lecture room cleaning

    We clean various learning spaces in universities, such as auditoriums, computer classrooms, lecture rooms, study spaces, seminar rooms, and more.

  • Laboratory Cleaning

    Science experiments and observations are quite common in laboratories. We make these scientific place of learning clean and inspiring for students embarking on some form of observation or experiment.

  • Library cleaning

    Books are stacked on library shelves and provide the appropriate environment for studying and research. A clean and well-organised library will encourage students to study longer.

University cleaning services in London and surrounding areas

Over 40 institutions are present in London and the surrounding areas. These universities often occupy multiple buildings across several campuses. Over the years, non-London universities have opened campuses in the capital to meet an increasing demand for UK higher education. The constant flow of people and goods in these facilities necessitates regular cleaning to maintain a safe environment. Our team can provide complete commercial cleaning solutions to universities and colleges in these locations.

University Cleaning Services FAQ

How often are cleaning services carried out at a university?

Cleaning services can be provided daily, weekly, or monthly, as required. We will discuss your needs with you and propose a cleaning schedule.

What sections of the university do you clean?

The team can clean all areas of the university, such as classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, dining halls, sports complexes, laboratories, and outdoor spaces.

How do you deal with hazardous materials in laboratories?

Our team is trained and equipped to handle and discard hazardous materials in university laboratories.

Can you provide cleaning services on a short notice?

Yes, we have a sufficient team based in London and surrounding areas, ready to meet clients’ needs on short notice.

Are the cleaning materials used in cleaning universities eco-friendly?

We use chemical-free and eco-friendly products to clean all areas within a university. Our goal is to maintain sustainable practices to reduce our ecological footprint while keeping universities and other commercial spaces clean.

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